Joan Hickey's teaching provided me with an organized and thorough approach to
jazz improvisation that played an integral role to my development as a jazz

Dan P.
(Libertyville HS, University of Illinois)

I’m an adult who returned to piano lessons after 30 years, and I couldn’t imagine a better teacher than Joan. You’ll learn how to play jazz and enjoy every minute of it"!

Jonah O.


As an experienced player, teacher, and appreciator of jazz music and its history, Joan Hickey knows what it takes. She gave me the oppurtunity to play with masters in a piano-trio setting, and to work as a duo with singers. We worked on how to be a sensitive and contributive accompanist, and explored the infinite possibilities of
solo-piano playing. She taught me the fundamentals, and guided me along the path to find out what kind of musician I am. I recommend Joan as a teacher for curious and passionate musicians of any
experience level.

Woody G.,
(Niles E HS, Univ. of Michigan)


Joan Hickey was a great inspiration and great teacher to me at a perfect time. She played an instrumental role in my musical development and helped me discover my true passion for music. Being a very multifaceted person, music wasn't necessarily the focal point of my life, but she gave me the tools to understand the music, and nurture my musical experience. Without Joan, I would not be the musician or the human being I am today.

Will K.
(Lake forest HS, Univ of Denver)


By presenting me with concepts to learn the craft of playing jazz piano, Joan helped me develop a strong foundation early on. She also introduced me to many great recordings and musicians who will always be an inspiration to me.

-Reuben A.
(Evanston HS, Eastman School of Music

(Studying with Joan) was the best thing that every happened to my daughter. Her playing soared to another level from that point forward. Joan has a teaching style that my daughter and many students can relate to. Her band director said she jumped up to a playing level that he knew she could under Joan's direction. Not only are Joans piano skills number one, but how she relates to her students as individuals is also second to none!!

Laura D


Joan Hickey has worked with my son Leif for the last couple of years. Leif is still in middle school but his piano/jazz skills are at least on par with the average high school age kid. Joan has been informative and inspirational!

-Brad O.
(bassist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

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